Sunday, October 28, 2012

Vote for the Lord

                 "Render unto Ceasar, that which is Ceasar's, and unto God, that which is God's." 

     At no time has the choice been clearer, a vote for Obama is a vote for socialism, class warefare, infanticide, a redistribution of wealth, record deficits, a preference for Muslim values,  the opposite of transparency, high prices, high unemployment, a diminished America, and increased dependency.

     A vote for Mitt Romney is a vote for a return to the values that made our country great in the first place, and even though we're not exactly sure what he will be able to do, we can rest assured it can be no worse than the last eight year under Bush and Obama.  Romny is a free enterpriser, he's anti-abortion, a man governed by Christian principals, a job creator, and a get things done kind of guy.  While Obama would simply kick the can down the road, Mitt Romney will tackle the big problems we face, record decifits, our dependency on foreign oil, and our deminished place in the world.

     The biggest threat to a peaceful world is a nuclear Iran.  I heard Joe Biden suggest even if the Iranian's have weapons grade plutonium, they lack a delivery system.  A suicide terrorist who slips into Jerusalem or this country with a dirty bomb in a suitcase is a delivery system.  How can a vice-president be so clueless after over four years of military briefings. 

     The biggest sin in America is abortion.  Birth contol under the guise of a woman's choice.  Obama takes it one step further and voted repeatedly to murder a baby that survives a late term abortion.  Let me describe the procedure;  The baby is pulled out feet first,  only the head remains in the womb, an instrument is inserted at the base of the skull and it's tiny brains are sucked out. How the US Supreme Court ever rationalized a woman's right to choose was hidden in the privacy clause of the US Constitution is abominable.  The framers had no such intent and we all know it.  When something is not addressed in the Constitution, we must rely on democracy and leave it up to the states.  A vote for Romney does not mean Roe v Wade will go away, it means states will have the right to choose their own limits to abortion. 

     In any event you need to vote.  It is not only a privledge, but  Christ's own command.  If you fail to vote, you purposely disobey the paraphrased scripture at the beginning of this blog.  Vote for Jesus this Nov.  Vote for the unborn.  Vote for a return to the Judeo-Christian values that made us the God Fearing nation we once were.  America is a light in the world, don't let progressive-liberals snuff out that light. 

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