Wednesday, October 31, 2012

How the Republicans lose in 2012

     There are 6 ways a party wins the White House.  1. The Candidate;  Romney is a reasonable candidate for the times, but he carries baggage.  He's Mormon.  I've talked to people that will vote for Obama even though  he has universally failed the country, but they will not vote for a Mormon.  Romney has enough bad press from Bain that he will always come off as a business-buster in spite of the good he's done.  The refusal to explore raising taxes on the top 5% is a losing strategy.  2.  The Campaign;  Romney's talking heads have miscalulated the mood and reserve of the American people from the start.  They gave up too early on Florida, and Ohio.  They've been slow to respond at critical times, and quick to run from success.  Sununu and company should be ahead in double didgets against the failed policies of the Obama administration, but instead they've only been able to manage a dubious tie.  3.  The VP;  Romney selected Ryan because they had given up on Ohio and Florida and thought Ryan could deliver Wisconsin, the only other path to victory.  They passed  on Rubio, because they didn't think he could deliver Florida, or make a difference in a Democratically intrenched  Hispanic  populace.  The 800 lb. elephant in the room is Rob Portman, Senator from Ohio.  Here we are in the last week of the election sweating bullits over the Buckeye State, when Rob Portman as VP would've all but guaranteed a victory for Romney.  4.  The Convention;  Outside of Rowdy Yates talking to an empty chair, I defy you to quote anything memorable from Mitt, Ann, Rice, or Romney's so-called "biggest" supporter, Christie.  On a scale of 1 to 10, the 2012 National Republican Convention was a blah.  5.  The Debates;  Let's be honest, if it wasn't for Mitt Romney's exceptional perfomance in the first debate, and Obama's "I'd rather be anywhere but here talking to this wanna' be" attitude, Romney wouldn't even be close, and this race would indeed be over.  I am a Romney supporter, but I thought he clearly was upstaged in the second and third debate, and  Paul Ryan came across as a bit immature against Biden.  Portman would have chopped Uncle Joe up in little pieces and would have made Ohio proud.  6.  The Unknown;  This could be anything, A major gaff, a revelation, an October surpirse, a hurricane.  Romney  indeed had the momentum, but negative ads, and positive remarks by new Obama idol worshipper Christie will make Obama seem more presidential than he has ever looked since his inaguration nearly four long years ago.  What could Cristie be thinking.  Any President would be there for New Jersey, But Christie lauds Obama as if no one else could be so compassionate.  Christie may have gained a friend in Barry, but he has lost a great deal of respect from the Right.  To be honest,  I never liked him anyway, and anyone that knows me will confirm that fact.  If Romney wins it will be a miracle out of scripture.  The 47% would vote for Obama irregardless of his record.  The main stream media and socialist  blogs will cover for him at any cost.  Romney is running against Obama, 80% of the media, the Chicago machine, voter fraud, his own inept campaign, free birth control, and can you believe it, Hurricane Christy.  God Bless Him and Good Luck

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Vote for the Lord

                 "Render unto Ceasar, that which is Ceasar's, and unto God, that which is God's." 

     At no time has the choice been clearer, a vote for Obama is a vote for socialism, class warefare, infanticide, a redistribution of wealth, record deficits, a preference for Muslim values,  the opposite of transparency, high prices, high unemployment, a diminished America, and increased dependency.

     A vote for Mitt Romney is a vote for a return to the values that made our country great in the first place, and even though we're not exactly sure what he will be able to do, we can rest assured it can be no worse than the last eight year under Bush and Obama.  Romny is a free enterpriser, he's anti-abortion, a man governed by Christian principals, a job creator, and a get things done kind of guy.  While Obama would simply kick the can down the road, Mitt Romney will tackle the big problems we face, record decifits, our dependency on foreign oil, and our deminished place in the world.

     The biggest threat to a peaceful world is a nuclear Iran.  I heard Joe Biden suggest even if the Iranian's have weapons grade plutonium, they lack a delivery system.  A suicide terrorist who slips into Jerusalem or this country with a dirty bomb in a suitcase is a delivery system.  How can a vice-president be so clueless after over four years of military briefings. 

     The biggest sin in America is abortion.  Birth contol under the guise of a woman's choice.  Obama takes it one step further and voted repeatedly to murder a baby that survives a late term abortion.  Let me describe the procedure;  The baby is pulled out feet first,  only the head remains in the womb, an instrument is inserted at the base of the skull and it's tiny brains are sucked out. How the US Supreme Court ever rationalized a woman's right to choose was hidden in the privacy clause of the US Constitution is abominable.  The framers had no such intent and we all know it.  When something is not addressed in the Constitution, we must rely on democracy and leave it up to the states.  A vote for Romney does not mean Roe v Wade will go away, it means states will have the right to choose their own limits to abortion. 

     In any event you need to vote.  It is not only a privledge, but  Christ's own command.  If you fail to vote, you purposely disobey the paraphrased scripture at the beginning of this blog.  Vote for Jesus this Nov.  Vote for the unborn.  Vote for a return to the Judeo-Christian values that made us the God Fearing nation we once were.  America is a light in the world, don't let progressive-liberals snuff out that light. 

Monday, October 22, 2012

Hillary Clinton and the truth

     Whoever said Hillary Clinton is the smartest woman in the world must be very proud of their own third grade education.  She will do, or say anything for self-promotion.  She tolerates Bill's waunderings because of her own political ambitions.  She claimed to be named after Sir Edmund Hillary, even though the New Zealand bee keeper had not yet climbed Mount Everest, or gained name recognition for several years after her birth.  She claimed daughter Chelsea was jogging around the World Trade Center the morning of 9/11.  She was acturally home, asleep in bed.  Hillary claimed to be under fire on a trip to Bosnia.  A film record of the arrival shows no sniper fire.  On the contrary, Hillary is seen receiving flowers from a Bosnian girl on the airport tarmac.  She claims to have been "out of the loop" concerning the controversial pardons, some of which her own brothers were involved and received hundreds of thousands of dollars for helping criminals in their bids for clemency.  She once claimed credit for the Irish Peace Accords, totally untrue.  She seemed baffled when the so-called "lost" Whitewater billing records were discovered in the White House closet by her then Chief of Staff after a so called two year search.  Why is this sugnificant?  Because two years is ample time to alter the records in order to deflect any suspicion of wrongdoing by the impeached Bill Clinton and the only First Lady to be subpeoned by a federal grand jury.  After all, the only two involved in the fraudulent land deal that didn't go to jail was Bill and Hillary Clinton.  She has often suggested that her actions and counsel was responsible for the '90's economic recovery.  She lays claim to being on hand to negociate the release of Macedonian refugees on her trip to Bosnia.  The refugees in question were released days before her arrival.  And finally, Hillary was evidently just lucky when she turned a $1000 stock deal in to $100,000 almost overnight. 

     And now, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is up to her neck in the cover-up regarding the state of security and the assassination of a US Ambassador and three other brave Americans.  She, along with other top Obama officials pushed the narrative that the attack was merely an extension of the unrest in Egypt and was a spontaneous demonstration over the contents of a less than flattering anti-muslim  film.  As the facts trickle out, it is fair to say a conserted effort was made to deceive the American people in order to delay any serious examination until after the November elections.  Hillary "fell on her sword" by claiming the buck stops with her.  Seems honorable on the surface, but her real intent was to buy loyalty from the Democrat Party, and gurantee she will be favored as the nominee four years from now.  Ten Hillary Clintons, and Twenty Madeline Albrights don't make one Henry Kissinger.  She should resign and tell the truth.  Two things she most certainly will not do willingly.


Sunday, October 21, 2012

Barack OBama, the worst President in history

     My list for the ten worst presidents in history include John Adams, Franklin Pierce, Andrew Johnson, Hoover, Truman, Johnson, Ford, Carter, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama.   In our times, Barack Obama has done less to help and more to hurt our economy, our soverignty, and our status as the world's  only democratic super-power.  If that's true, then why is he holding his own in the arena of public opinion, and why is Romney having such a hard time articulating Obama's failures.
     How you win the White House is;  The Candidate - It all starts with the calibur of candidate the Republicans are able to field.  Many good and honorable individuals simply no longer want the job, so we're left with the also rans.  I mean seriously, Bachmann? Santorum? I'm OK with Romney, he's a good guy who doesn't drink, smoke, swear, cheat on his wife, loves the Lord, opposes abortion, was a reasonably successful Governor, and a stellar businessman.  He is more than qualified to be our next President and has the experience and apptitude to solve our collective woes.  On a scale of 1-10, Romney is a 8.  The Campaign - These are the individuals a candidate hires and is intrusted to make the right decisions when it comes to fund raising, where and how to campaign, surrogates, and the overall message.  Romney's campaign has been disappointing and has diminished the possiblity rather than guarantee a Romney win..  The 2012 Romney campaign team gets a 3.  The Choice for Vice-President - Romney selected Paul Ryan because the talking-heads in his campaign conceded Ohio and Florida early and thought Congreeman Ryan could guarantee a win in Wisconsin.  That strategy is back-firing as we speak.  Romney is ahead in Florida, and Ryan will most likely not deliver his home state.  Rob Portman, Senator from Ohio would have been my choice and would have made the difference in the Buckeye state.   Paul Ryan, Romney's choice for vice-president is a 5.   The Convention - The 2012 National Republican Convention was a yawner, except for Rowdy Yates and the empty chair.  I think the Republican Party is poorly led and not at all creative.  The convention gets a 3 as well.  The Debates - Romney has exceeded all expections as it comes to the debates.  He clobbered Obama in the first debate, he more than held his own in the second, Ryan missed several opportunities to win the vice-presidential debate, and now we look forward to the third and final debate.  The Debate Commission gets a 0 for their choices of a series of left-leaning demonstrably bias individuals for moderators with an agenda led by Hanoi Candy Crowly.  The Republican Party and the Romney Campaign also get failing grades for agreeing to  such a one-sided format.  And finally the "Unknown" in any campaign, "Gaffs"  Evidently it doesn't matter mistakes Obama or Biden make, Romney and Ryan are castigated by an unsympathic press at every opportunity. VOTE!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Obama on Abortion

     During his eight years as an Illinois State Senator, Barack Obama avoided making contoversial votes 130 times.  But in 2001 he voted against a law that was intended to protect babies that survived a late-term abortion, and prefered they be allowed  to die from intentional neglect.  He voted against the same legislation in 2003, and as Chair of the Health and Human Services committee, he prohibited the bill from coming to the floor a third time.  In layman's terms, this law would have required medical professionals to attempt to save the life of an infant that survived an abortion, but instead, Obama, and evidently the citizens of Illinois  prefered they either smother the child to death, or allow it to die from neglect.

     Now I don't care what side of the abortion agruement you're on, it doesn't matter if you believe life begins at conception, or when a heartbeat is detected, or when the child could live outside the womb.  When a baby is no longer attached to the mother, and is breathing on it's own, with it's little heart beating,  it's a human being, and is protected by the same constitution that protects you and I.  Picture, if you can this helpless baby relegated to a closet with a pillow covering it's tiny face until it's lifeless. 

     To me, his complacency disqualifies Obama from being dog-catcher, otherwise President of the United States.   Any compassionate individual who cherishes the sanctity of human life, and still  casts a vote for him in light of  these facts, knowingly becomes a willing participant in the wholesale killing of innocent children.  It's not just abortion, it's more than abortion, it's INFANTICIDE, the intentional killing of an infant.   Hero or Zero? Barack Obama is a Zero. 

     I welcome your comments as well.