Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Who are THEY, and why THEY don't care

     THEY are the coalition of voters that re-elected the Obama catastrophe.  Hispanics; legal and illegal that have no vested interest in the future of the country.  Illegals do better on welfare, food stamps  free medical care, and dream acts, than if they were gainfully employed in their own countries,  Why should THEY care? African-Americans; I understand their pride in voting for a half-black, but their plight is miserable, and their prospects dim. Guess what, THEY don't care!  Jews; there are more atheists among Jews than any other social, religious, or national group.  THEY don't practice the Hebrew Religion, therefore, THEY care very little about the plight of Israel.  Single Women;  The shallowest and most uniformed group that voted for Obama/Biden.  As long as they have free birth control, contraceptives, abortion on demand, and can party down, THEY don't give a d**m!  Youth in general;  The brainwashed who are made to believe gay marriage is a right and not a slippery slope.  THEY have either never read Romans 1:26-28, or they've forgotten it, or they've chosen to ignore it.  THEY have been dislodged from traditional Judea-Christian beliefs by socialists, Marxists  and communist professors in academia.  THEY believe in evolution and abortion rights, so to them, human life is cheap and inconsequential.  Maybe their grandparents were religious, their parents semi-religious, but most American youth are religiousness.   Seniors;  Not all, but many seniors bought into the lies and accusations that made Mitt and Paul look like Snidely Whiplashes waiting for the moment they could sock-it to the elderly by tearing up the medicare statues and doing away with their social security.  I thought the older you get, the wiser you become.  Well that evidently doesn't apply to this group.  But why should THEY care?  By the time the country is flushed down the proverbial toilet, most of them won't be here to see it.  Who cares about future generations?   Not this group of self-absorbed seniors.  Ultra-conservative Republicans;  Instead of voting for the least of the two evils, THEY were last seen riding off into the sunset singing their theme song. "Alone with our Principals."
     The national debt grew more in the first four years under Obama than in the entire history of the United States. THEY don't care!  The greatest healthcare system in the world is being viserated, THEY don't care!  Obama has and will continue to weaken our military and our respected place in the world and has made a mess of our relations with our allies and have emboldened our enemies, including his inept handling of the Arab Spring, THEY simply don't care!  Obama and his policies of appeasement led to the deaths of four honorable and brave Americans in Benghazi  Libya, and THEY could care less!  Gas prices have doubled since Obama took office and food prices have increased dramatically.  The medium family income has decreased by more than $4,400, and healthcare premiums have risen $2,500 per household, and THEY don't care!  Yes, 49.3% did care, but this time, THEY, all of the above, outnumbered us. 

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Voter Fraud 2012

One always suspects some degree of voter fraud and voter suppression, but Nov 6, 2012 takes the cake.  It has been widely reported that Mitt Romney did not carry Mormons.  That on it's face is ridiculous.  Mormons, and I mean every Mormon would be proud of Mitt Romney and prouder still if a member of the LDS Church was in the White House.  In Pennsylvania out of nearly two-thousand votes cast on particular machines, 100% were for Obama and 0% for Romney  that is also a mathematical and demographic impossibility.  Similar problems in Ohio and Colorado further taint the results.  Over 1M+ Republicans didn't bother to vote, but in thousands of precincts, over 109% of eligible voters turned up.  So where does the plus 9% come from, south of the border that's where.  The dems worked so hard to defeat voter ID, so that millions of dependent illegals could fraudulently vote for Obama.  Exit polls in Virginia gave a slight edge to Obama among military families.  Not a chance.  Obama has done everything in his power to weaken and cut the military, and they know it.  Few if any retired, reserve, or active military would cheerfully vote for Barack Hussein Obama.  John McCain, who is intimately connected to the military, and traveled extensively in support of Romney suggested that a majority of Sailors, Soldiers, Guardsman, Marines, and Airman were mad as hell and prepared to vote in mass for Mitt Romney.  So who's left; union households,  seniors, the sheep like youth, African-Americans, Hispanics (legal and otherwise), Jews, and single women whose priorities include free contraception and abortions on demand.  What do they all have in common, they're counting on some of that Obama money.  One thing for sure, a man like, "Ask not what your country can do  for you, but what you can do for your country" John F. Kennedy couldn't get arrested in the New Democrat Party.  We're all on the Titanic and we can see the iceberg dead ahead.   

Obama can thank Illegal Aliens 1

Let me establish my credentials.  I'm a registered Independent.  I'm normally conservative and find more in common with Republicans than Democrats.  I'm a 61 year old bi-lingual white male who has traveled extensively in Central and South America.  I lived in Mexico for brief periods of time and have traveled there on numerous occasions.  Mexico should be one of the richest nations in the world, and if it weren't for a corrupt political system, their mineral reserves, oil , work force, growing season and moderate climate would have made them the envy of 3rd world nation.  I understand why they come here looking for work and a way to improve their lot in life.  But there are also those who crisscross the border as willing participants in drug and human trafficking   and those who would prey on the generosity of the American welfare system.  Anchor babies, welfare checks, food stamps, subsidized housing, unemployment compensation, are just a few of the incentives to sneak across our southern border.  Benefits, not available in their home countries.  Hispanics are generally hard working, religious people who cherish the family unit, but too many have fallen victim to the temptation of voting fraudulently, and vote they did, in mass, across the nation in numbers that secured another four years for the worst president and vice-president in our history.   I've often wondered aloud why anyone would oppose voter ID, insuring one citizen, one vote.  It's a wholly demoralizing thought to think our 2012 national election for president was decided by millions of illegal aliens, dependent on the government, who become criminals by voting in an election they are not eligible for.  But then again, why not?  Their first crime was to come here undocumented, and then be forced to continually lie to authorities  secure fraudulent birth certificates and social security cards while living in the shadows. 

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

It Is George Bush's Fault

     For the last four years we've heard at nausium that the economy, our place in the global matrix, and our social inequities are all the fault of Bush 43.  For the first 1000 days most agreed, but as the months became years, Obama's whining seemed less credible   Barack's mishandling of the economy, his race towards socialism, and his populace policies began to wear thin on an already ragged nation.  His promise to be transparent and to be bi-partisan, his whispers to the Putin puppet and president of Russia promising more flexibility after the 2012 election, his flip-flop on gay marriage, his defining votes for infanticide, his panderings to illegals, his all too visible dislike of anything Israeli, and his apologetics towards Muslims at any cost, including the American loss of life in Libya, defines Barack Obama.  This guy is at least the worst president in American history and by the time he leaves office, he will have tripled down on the misery index and will have done permanent damage to the American economy, military and psyche.  But how did we get him in the first place? Who's responsible for the new Obama Nation?  George W. Bush, that's who.  Had it not been for the failures and miscalculations of W's administration, the country would never have swung so far left as to elect the most liberal Senator of our time, Barack Hussein Obama.  George W. had the luxury of a Republican house and senate for the first six years, but what did he do with it.  Nothing, absolutely nothing.  He spent like a drunken Democrat sailor, he never even attempted to close the border, he conversely added to the national debt, and never suggested meaningful tax reform, a balanced budget, or any other plank in the Republican platform.  He started two wars.  The first in Afghanistan to bring the culprits of 9/11 to justice and destroy their sanctuary.  The second, in Iraq, to eliminate Hussein.  Sounds more like a job for SEAL Team 6.  These two expensive adventures in nation building  unnecessarily cost the lives of thousands of American men and women, but to date, have failed to accomplish much else.  He accomplished tax breaks for the rich.  That my friend, is a losing ideology and only encourages the labeling of Republicans as elitists.  Bush, not Obama, ordered the first stimulus known as TARP, The Troubled Assets Recovery Program.  $700M in the form of a bank bail-out.  This helped the banks liquidate toxic assists  but it did nothing to relieve the average American from burdensome mortgages on depreciating properties.
     All this, and more, set the stage for Obama.  Had it not been for Bush/Cheney, we wouldn't have suffered Obama.  So, it is Bush's fault after all.  Why conservative pundits continue to laud W as a great president is ludicrous.  He was worse than Clinton, on par with his dad, and only slightly better than Obama.  The Republicans better wise up.  Suggesting tax breaks for the rich while trying to cut welfare programs and rebuild medicare and social security, praising the George Bush's of the world and demonizing Obama, only plays into the hands of  Barack's partners in crime, the so-called guardians of the republic, the press.       

Friday, November 2, 2012

Assassination through Voter Fraud

     On April 4, 1865, President Abraham Lincoln was shot by John Wilkes Booth in Ford's Theatre in Washington DC.  Sixteen years later, Charles J. Guiteau, a mentally disturbed public office seeker, shot President James Garfield, who died of his wounds more than two months later.  Twenty years on, William McKinley was shot by anarchist Leon Czologsz while attending the Pan-American exibit in Buffalo, New York.  And finally, on November 22, 1963, John Kennedy was mortally wounded while riding in a motorcade in Dallas, Texas.
     On January 30, 1835, Andrew Jackson was attending a funeral when Richard Lawrence attempted to shoot the President.  He had two derringers, both misfired.  Had it not been for this stroke of good luck for Jackson, he would have been the first assassinated president, not Lincoln.  Teddy Roosevelt's life was saved when a copy of his speech and his spectacle case in his pocket slowed down the .38 calibur bullet shot by John Shrank, a mentally disturbed New York saloonkeeper.  Two Puerto Rican Nationals, Oscar Collazo and Grisellio Torresolo, stormed the Blair House in Washington DC where Harry S. Truman and his family were staying.  Torresolo, who was killed, managed to kill one policeman and wound another.  Collazo wounded a thrid policeman.  He was arrested and sentenced to death, which Truman commuted to a life sentence.  Carter freed Collazo in 1979.  Gerald Ford survived two assasination attempts, both by women.  On March 30, 1981, President Ronald Reagan survived a shot in the chest by John Hinkley Jr. 
     The ultimate goal of any assassin is to circumvent the will of the people.  To rob an elected official from fullfilling the mandate granted by a majority of Americans through the election process.  And so is the mind-set of misguided indivduals who participate in voter fraud.  They prefer to skew the totals in favor of their candidate or idealogy.  Voter fraud is when either a vote is not counted, or counted more than once, or was cast by someone not eligible to vote.  One of the most fundamental freedoms is "One Citizen, One Vote."  But many have attempted to override that basic principle by organizing or participating in fraud.  Chicago, the home of Obama-style politics is famous for voting irregularities.  It is common knowledge that the Daley Machine perpetrated extensive voter fraud during the Kennedy/Nixon election cycle.  Dead people, felons, and people who voted more than once put Kennedy over the top in Illinois and gave the election to JFK.  Nixon was within his rights to contest the results, but felt it would not serve the American people and the let the results stand.  Who can forget Acorn, or Bush/Gore?   If I had space, I would give seven more aggregous examples of presidential voter fraud.  So why are so many Democrats opposed to tightening up the process by requiring voter ID?  And are there Republicans who would like to suppress certain elements of the population in order to assure a win?  I for one want every election to be fair and decisive.  I don't want felons, dead people, illegals, or people who vote more than once to decide between Obama and Romney.  I want eligible Americans to determine who will serve in the White House for the next four years, and if voter ID would help, lets do it, and the sooner the better.