Sunday, October 21, 2012

Barack OBama, the worst President in history

     My list for the ten worst presidents in history include John Adams, Franklin Pierce, Andrew Johnson, Hoover, Truman, Johnson, Ford, Carter, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama.   In our times, Barack Obama has done less to help and more to hurt our economy, our soverignty, and our status as the world's  only democratic super-power.  If that's true, then why is he holding his own in the arena of public opinion, and why is Romney having such a hard time articulating Obama's failures.
     How you win the White House is;  The Candidate - It all starts with the calibur of candidate the Republicans are able to field.  Many good and honorable individuals simply no longer want the job, so we're left with the also rans.  I mean seriously, Bachmann? Santorum? I'm OK with Romney, he's a good guy who doesn't drink, smoke, swear, cheat on his wife, loves the Lord, opposes abortion, was a reasonably successful Governor, and a stellar businessman.  He is more than qualified to be our next President and has the experience and apptitude to solve our collective woes.  On a scale of 1-10, Romney is a 8.  The Campaign - These are the individuals a candidate hires and is intrusted to make the right decisions when it comes to fund raising, where and how to campaign, surrogates, and the overall message.  Romney's campaign has been disappointing and has diminished the possiblity rather than guarantee a Romney win..  The 2012 Romney campaign team gets a 3.  The Choice for Vice-President - Romney selected Paul Ryan because the talking-heads in his campaign conceded Ohio and Florida early and thought Congreeman Ryan could guarantee a win in Wisconsin.  That strategy is back-firing as we speak.  Romney is ahead in Florida, and Ryan will most likely not deliver his home state.  Rob Portman, Senator from Ohio would have been my choice and would have made the difference in the Buckeye state.   Paul Ryan, Romney's choice for vice-president is a 5.   The Convention - The 2012 National Republican Convention was a yawner, except for Rowdy Yates and the empty chair.  I think the Republican Party is poorly led and not at all creative.  The convention gets a 3 as well.  The Debates - Romney has exceeded all expections as it comes to the debates.  He clobbered Obama in the first debate, he more than held his own in the second, Ryan missed several opportunities to win the vice-presidential debate, and now we look forward to the third and final debate.  The Debate Commission gets a 0 for their choices of a series of left-leaning demonstrably bias individuals for moderators with an agenda led by Hanoi Candy Crowly.  The Republican Party and the Romney Campaign also get failing grades for agreeing to  such a one-sided format.  And finally the "Unknown" in any campaign, "Gaffs"  Evidently it doesn't matter mistakes Obama or Biden make, Romney and Ryan are castigated by an unsympathic press at every opportunity. VOTE!

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