Monday, October 22, 2012

Hillary Clinton and the truth

     Whoever said Hillary Clinton is the smartest woman in the world must be very proud of their own third grade education.  She will do, or say anything for self-promotion.  She tolerates Bill's waunderings because of her own political ambitions.  She claimed to be named after Sir Edmund Hillary, even though the New Zealand bee keeper had not yet climbed Mount Everest, or gained name recognition for several years after her birth.  She claimed daughter Chelsea was jogging around the World Trade Center the morning of 9/11.  She was acturally home, asleep in bed.  Hillary claimed to be under fire on a trip to Bosnia.  A film record of the arrival shows no sniper fire.  On the contrary, Hillary is seen receiving flowers from a Bosnian girl on the airport tarmac.  She claims to have been "out of the loop" concerning the controversial pardons, some of which her own brothers were involved and received hundreds of thousands of dollars for helping criminals in their bids for clemency.  She once claimed credit for the Irish Peace Accords, totally untrue.  She seemed baffled when the so-called "lost" Whitewater billing records were discovered in the White House closet by her then Chief of Staff after a so called two year search.  Why is this sugnificant?  Because two years is ample time to alter the records in order to deflect any suspicion of wrongdoing by the impeached Bill Clinton and the only First Lady to be subpeoned by a federal grand jury.  After all, the only two involved in the fraudulent land deal that didn't go to jail was Bill and Hillary Clinton.  She has often suggested that her actions and counsel was responsible for the '90's economic recovery.  She lays claim to being on hand to negociate the release of Macedonian refugees on her trip to Bosnia.  The refugees in question were released days before her arrival.  And finally, Hillary was evidently just lucky when she turned a $1000 stock deal in to $100,000 almost overnight. 

     And now, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is up to her neck in the cover-up regarding the state of security and the assassination of a US Ambassador and three other brave Americans.  She, along with other top Obama officials pushed the narrative that the attack was merely an extension of the unrest in Egypt and was a spontaneous demonstration over the contents of a less than flattering anti-muslim  film.  As the facts trickle out, it is fair to say a conserted effort was made to deceive the American people in order to delay any serious examination until after the November elections.  Hillary "fell on her sword" by claiming the buck stops with her.  Seems honorable on the surface, but her real intent was to buy loyalty from the Democrat Party, and gurantee she will be favored as the nominee four years from now.  Ten Hillary Clintons, and Twenty Madeline Albrights don't make one Henry Kissinger.  She should resign and tell the truth.  Two things she most certainly will not do willingly.


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