Wednesday, October 31, 2012

How the Republicans lose in 2012

     There are 6 ways a party wins the White House.  1. The Candidate;  Romney is a reasonable candidate for the times, but he carries baggage.  He's Mormon.  I've talked to people that will vote for Obama even though  he has universally failed the country, but they will not vote for a Mormon.  Romney has enough bad press from Bain that he will always come off as a business-buster in spite of the good he's done.  The refusal to explore raising taxes on the top 5% is a losing strategy.  2.  The Campaign;  Romney's talking heads have miscalulated the mood and reserve of the American people from the start.  They gave up too early on Florida, and Ohio.  They've been slow to respond at critical times, and quick to run from success.  Sununu and company should be ahead in double didgets against the failed policies of the Obama administration, but instead they've only been able to manage a dubious tie.  3.  The VP;  Romney selected Ryan because they had given up on Ohio and Florida and thought Ryan could deliver Wisconsin, the only other path to victory.  They passed  on Rubio, because they didn't think he could deliver Florida, or make a difference in a Democratically intrenched  Hispanic  populace.  The 800 lb. elephant in the room is Rob Portman, Senator from Ohio.  Here we are in the last week of the election sweating bullits over the Buckeye State, when Rob Portman as VP would've all but guaranteed a victory for Romney.  4.  The Convention;  Outside of Rowdy Yates talking to an empty chair, I defy you to quote anything memorable from Mitt, Ann, Rice, or Romney's so-called "biggest" supporter, Christie.  On a scale of 1 to 10, the 2012 National Republican Convention was a blah.  5.  The Debates;  Let's be honest, if it wasn't for Mitt Romney's exceptional perfomance in the first debate, and Obama's "I'd rather be anywhere but here talking to this wanna' be" attitude, Romney wouldn't even be close, and this race would indeed be over.  I am a Romney supporter, but I thought he clearly was upstaged in the second and third debate, and  Paul Ryan came across as a bit immature against Biden.  Portman would have chopped Uncle Joe up in little pieces and would have made Ohio proud.  6.  The Unknown;  This could be anything, A major gaff, a revelation, an October surpirse, a hurricane.  Romney  indeed had the momentum, but negative ads, and positive remarks by new Obama idol worshipper Christie will make Obama seem more presidential than he has ever looked since his inaguration nearly four long years ago.  What could Cristie be thinking.  Any President would be there for New Jersey, But Christie lauds Obama as if no one else could be so compassionate.  Christie may have gained a friend in Barry, but he has lost a great deal of respect from the Right.  To be honest,  I never liked him anyway, and anyone that knows me will confirm that fact.  If Romney wins it will be a miracle out of scripture.  The 47% would vote for Obama irregardless of his record.  The main stream media and socialist  blogs will cover for him at any cost.  Romney is running against Obama, 80% of the media, the Chicago machine, voter fraud, his own inept campaign, free birth control, and can you believe it, Hurricane Christy.  God Bless Him and Good Luck

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