Thursday, October 18, 2012

Obama on Abortion

     During his eight years as an Illinois State Senator, Barack Obama avoided making contoversial votes 130 times.  But in 2001 he voted against a law that was intended to protect babies that survived a late-term abortion, and prefered they be allowed  to die from intentional neglect.  He voted against the same legislation in 2003, and as Chair of the Health and Human Services committee, he prohibited the bill from coming to the floor a third time.  In layman's terms, this law would have required medical professionals to attempt to save the life of an infant that survived an abortion, but instead, Obama, and evidently the citizens of Illinois  prefered they either smother the child to death, or allow it to die from neglect.

     Now I don't care what side of the abortion agruement you're on, it doesn't matter if you believe life begins at conception, or when a heartbeat is detected, or when the child could live outside the womb.  When a baby is no longer attached to the mother, and is breathing on it's own, with it's little heart beating,  it's a human being, and is protected by the same constitution that protects you and I.  Picture, if you can this helpless baby relegated to a closet with a pillow covering it's tiny face until it's lifeless. 

     To me, his complacency disqualifies Obama from being dog-catcher, otherwise President of the United States.   Any compassionate individual who cherishes the sanctity of human life, and still  casts a vote for him in light of  these facts, knowingly becomes a willing participant in the wholesale killing of innocent children.  It's not just abortion, it's more than abortion, it's INFANTICIDE, the intentional killing of an infant.   Hero or Zero? Barack Obama is a Zero. 

     I welcome your comments as well.  


  1. Jesus referred to Gehenna or The Valley of Hinnom when talking about hell. This valley is s/sw of Jerusalem and has quite an infamous past.Here was Topheth where children at one time were offered to the fire god Molech. The people were given to pleasure and not God's word. They would give themselves to sexual indulgence and then conveniently dispose of the fruit of their sin in the fires of Molech. In that time, it was acceptable social behavior. The youngster was viewed as a choice, not a life. This place was later to be called "the valley of slaughter."

    1. great bit of historical investigation. this analogy suggests America, one a city on a hill, has slid into the Valley of Hinnom where the "Slaughter" continues.