Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Who are THEY, and why THEY don't care

     THEY are the coalition of voters that re-elected the Obama catastrophe.  Hispanics; legal and illegal that have no vested interest in the future of the country.  Illegals do better on welfare, food stamps  free medical care, and dream acts, than if they were gainfully employed in their own countries,  Why should THEY care? African-Americans; I understand their pride in voting for a half-black, but their plight is miserable, and their prospects dim. Guess what, THEY don't care!  Jews; there are more atheists among Jews than any other social, religious, or national group.  THEY don't practice the Hebrew Religion, therefore, THEY care very little about the plight of Israel.  Single Women;  The shallowest and most uniformed group that voted for Obama/Biden.  As long as they have free birth control, contraceptives, abortion on demand, and can party down, THEY don't give a d**m!  Youth in general;  The brainwashed who are made to believe gay marriage is a right and not a slippery slope.  THEY have either never read Romans 1:26-28, or they've forgotten it, or they've chosen to ignore it.  THEY have been dislodged from traditional Judea-Christian beliefs by socialists, Marxists  and communist professors in academia.  THEY believe in evolution and abortion rights, so to them, human life is cheap and inconsequential.  Maybe their grandparents were religious, their parents semi-religious, but most American youth are religiousness.   Seniors;  Not all, but many seniors bought into the lies and accusations that made Mitt and Paul look like Snidely Whiplashes waiting for the moment they could sock-it to the elderly by tearing up the medicare statues and doing away with their social security.  I thought the older you get, the wiser you become.  Well that evidently doesn't apply to this group.  But why should THEY care?  By the time the country is flushed down the proverbial toilet, most of them won't be here to see it.  Who cares about future generations?   Not this group of self-absorbed seniors.  Ultra-conservative Republicans;  Instead of voting for the least of the two evils, THEY were last seen riding off into the sunset singing their theme song. "Alone with our Principals."
     The national debt grew more in the first four years under Obama than in the entire history of the United States. THEY don't care!  The greatest healthcare system in the world is being viserated, THEY don't care!  Obama has and will continue to weaken our military and our respected place in the world and has made a mess of our relations with our allies and have emboldened our enemies, including his inept handling of the Arab Spring, THEY simply don't care!  Obama and his policies of appeasement led to the deaths of four honorable and brave Americans in Benghazi  Libya, and THEY could care less!  Gas prices have doubled since Obama took office and food prices have increased dramatically.  The medium family income has decreased by more than $4,400, and healthcare premiums have risen $2,500 per household, and THEY don't care!  Yes, 49.3% did care, but this time, THEY, all of the above, outnumbered us. 

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