Wednesday, November 7, 2012

It Is George Bush's Fault

     For the last four years we've heard at nausium that the economy, our place in the global matrix, and our social inequities are all the fault of Bush 43.  For the first 1000 days most agreed, but as the months became years, Obama's whining seemed less credible   Barack's mishandling of the economy, his race towards socialism, and his populace policies began to wear thin on an already ragged nation.  His promise to be transparent and to be bi-partisan, his whispers to the Putin puppet and president of Russia promising more flexibility after the 2012 election, his flip-flop on gay marriage, his defining votes for infanticide, his panderings to illegals, his all too visible dislike of anything Israeli, and his apologetics towards Muslims at any cost, including the American loss of life in Libya, defines Barack Obama.  This guy is at least the worst president in American history and by the time he leaves office, he will have tripled down on the misery index and will have done permanent damage to the American economy, military and psyche.  But how did we get him in the first place? Who's responsible for the new Obama Nation?  George W. Bush, that's who.  Had it not been for the failures and miscalculations of W's administration, the country would never have swung so far left as to elect the most liberal Senator of our time, Barack Hussein Obama.  George W. had the luxury of a Republican house and senate for the first six years, but what did he do with it.  Nothing, absolutely nothing.  He spent like a drunken Democrat sailor, he never even attempted to close the border, he conversely added to the national debt, and never suggested meaningful tax reform, a balanced budget, or any other plank in the Republican platform.  He started two wars.  The first in Afghanistan to bring the culprits of 9/11 to justice and destroy their sanctuary.  The second, in Iraq, to eliminate Hussein.  Sounds more like a job for SEAL Team 6.  These two expensive adventures in nation building  unnecessarily cost the lives of thousands of American men and women, but to date, have failed to accomplish much else.  He accomplished tax breaks for the rich.  That my friend, is a losing ideology and only encourages the labeling of Republicans as elitists.  Bush, not Obama, ordered the first stimulus known as TARP, The Troubled Assets Recovery Program.  $700M in the form of a bank bail-out.  This helped the banks liquidate toxic assists  but it did nothing to relieve the average American from burdensome mortgages on depreciating properties.
     All this, and more, set the stage for Obama.  Had it not been for Bush/Cheney, we wouldn't have suffered Obama.  So, it is Bush's fault after all.  Why conservative pundits continue to laud W as a great president is ludicrous.  He was worse than Clinton, on par with his dad, and only slightly better than Obama.  The Republicans better wise up.  Suggesting tax breaks for the rich while trying to cut welfare programs and rebuild medicare and social security, praising the George Bush's of the world and demonizing Obama, only plays into the hands of  Barack's partners in crime, the so-called guardians of the republic, the press.       

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