Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Voter Fraud 2012

One always suspects some degree of voter fraud and voter suppression, but Nov 6, 2012 takes the cake.  It has been widely reported that Mitt Romney did not carry Mormons.  That on it's face is ridiculous.  Mormons, and I mean every Mormon would be proud of Mitt Romney and prouder still if a member of the LDS Church was in the White House.  In Pennsylvania out of nearly two-thousand votes cast on particular machines, 100% were for Obama and 0% for Romney  that is also a mathematical and demographic impossibility.  Similar problems in Ohio and Colorado further taint the results.  Over 1M+ Republicans didn't bother to vote, but in thousands of precincts, over 109% of eligible voters turned up.  So where does the plus 9% come from, south of the border that's where.  The dems worked so hard to defeat voter ID, so that millions of dependent illegals could fraudulently vote for Obama.  Exit polls in Virginia gave a slight edge to Obama among military families.  Not a chance.  Obama has done everything in his power to weaken and cut the military, and they know it.  Few if any retired, reserve, or active military would cheerfully vote for Barack Hussein Obama.  John McCain, who is intimately connected to the military, and traveled extensively in support of Romney suggested that a majority of Sailors, Soldiers, Guardsman, Marines, and Airman were mad as hell and prepared to vote in mass for Mitt Romney.  So who's left; union households,  seniors, the sheep like youth, African-Americans, Hispanics (legal and otherwise), Jews, and single women whose priorities include free contraception and abortions on demand.  What do they all have in common, they're counting on some of that Obama money.  One thing for sure, a man like, "Ask not what your country can do  for you, but what you can do for your country" John F. Kennedy couldn't get arrested in the New Democrat Party.  We're all on the Titanic and we can see the iceberg dead ahead.   

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